How to reset hMailServer Administrator Password

How to reset hMailServer Administrator Password

hmailserver administrator password reset

While installing Hmail server, a free email server for Windows Servers , a default password is set while installation. To reset hMailServer Administrator Password, follow these

Way 1

If you know the current administrator password, or any other password to an account  with server-level administration permissions, you can change the password using hMailServer Administrator.

  1. Start hMailServer Administrator and log on.

  2. Go to Settings -> Advanced

  3. Enter the new Administration password and save the changes.

Way 2 

If you have forgotten the password, It is simple if you have access to the server either through RDP or SSH (ofcourse, Cgywin), This will save you from mess

1. Find your hMailServer.ini file,You will find it in C:\Program Files (x86) \hMailServer\Bin . This is for default installation. You may need to find the location if its a custom path

2. Open the file in notepad or similar text editors

3. On bottom of the text, You will find AdministratorPassword=************************

You need to replace the existing MD5 hashed string to a new one.

4. Create a MD5 hashed string using any generators available online like this one –

5. Copy down the string and replace it instead of existing string. Save the file

Try to login now with new password. It will let you in.

Note : make sure you have a backup of the .ini file before you attempt this.