We are a group of like-minded people who are server administrators and DevOps Engineers at work and humans at the core. Most of them know each other for years now and the majority are childhood friends.  The latest technologies are our heartbeats and hence, we decided to put up a platform where we can help/assist/recommend services to others, etc. That is “teksupport.in”

Something interesting about us 🙂

We are not here to make millions by looting you as many server administration companies do. We do not have a fixed or long term charge sheets. We are contributing here to improving ourselves, helping the community and for charity.

So you may get a question in mind! So our services are free?

No, Never. We also pay bills for everything including the servers that host this site, Internet charges, food & snacks, etc. and for the children we sponsor, to grow up like us. So you will be given a PAYPAL ID to make the payment. The amount is your decision. You decide how much we are eligible for the work we did, how we did and how happy you are with us. No fixed price or invoice.

How can we help?

We can help you with everything that relates to servers, Clouds and websites applications. Still, here are some of them.

  1. Servers, OS & Control Panel Issues
  2. Website slowness/errors
  3. Website / Database Migrations
  4. WordPress Related questions / issues
  5. Recommendations for hosting/cloud or any software.
  6. Cloud / DevOps Consulting
  7. Develop a website/coding related questions

If you are looking for any other services related to servers/cloud/DevOps or anything related to the server, just let us know and we will assist you to our best.

What you can expect?

We have around 35 years of total human hands-on experience in the server administration field. You can expect all levels of support (junior –  Level 3, Team managers) from us and follow ethics, confidentiality, and sincerity for the tasks we undertake.

Turn around times for your questions / get support

We all are working professionals in various MNCs and hosting providers at different levels of office hierarchy. While we are getting involved here, we also uphold our ethics and responsibilities towards our office jobs and will be available here only after the regular schedules. That doesn’t mean, we won’t be here most of the time. Many have shift roles and they just rotate. So someone will be here around to keep you engaged. At present, the ticket turn around time is 6 hours.

How to get in touch with us?

Just click “We are here!” floating button on the bottom right corner of this page or click the button below to open a ticket with us. Make sure you are entering the details in its entirety to avoid many to-and-fro messages which you hate and we also. Also, do not enter the passwords or any sensitive information directly in the message/replies. Use any services like https://onetimesecret.com to share secrets.