Connecting Samsung Tab 2 with ubuntu

Connecting Samsung Tab 2 with ubuntu

Installing Samsung Tab2 in Ubuntu is just like a breeze. Go through the steps below.

1. Install libusb-dev with below command

$ sudo apt-get install libusb-dev

2. Download libmtp from below location

[Hope you downloaded into your /home/<username>/Downloads folder]

3. Now, go into the Download directory with below command

$ cd     /home/<username>/Downloads

4. extract it with below command (Hope you have gzip installed)

$ gunzip   libmtp-1.1.5.tar.gz

5. this will get you a libmtp-1.1.5.tar file in /home/<username>/Downloads directory. Now you extract it with –

$ tar -xvf libmtp-1.1.5.tar

6. After that a directory/folder named libmtp-1.1.5 will be created in /home/<username>/Downloads directory. Go into that folder-

$ cd   libmtp-1.1.5

7. compile the contents and install steps

7a. $ ./configure –prefix=/usr

7b. $ make

7c. $ sudo make install

8. Now we need to copy the rules from /home/<username>/Downloads/libmtp-1.1.5    to     /etc/udev directory. So, stay on the current directory (/home/<username>/Downloads/libmtp-1.1.5) and execute below command

$  cp   sudo cp 69-libmtp.rules /etc/udev/rules.d

9. Final and last task is to install gmtp


$ sudo apt-get install gmtp

10. And yup … Tab2 is ready to be connected. Plug in your Tab. Go to Applications > Sound & Video > gMTP.

Click connect and enjoy

Note: I got this tips from internet and it worked for me. Hats off to the original author.

Thanks to Darran Kartaschew and all those who worked on and made gMTP available.