Adding SRV records on WHM CPanel

Adding SRV records on WHM CPanel

This shows how to add SRV records on WHM/CPanel. The office 365 by Microsoft is making it mandatory to add the SRV records for all the users. Follow the steps to add SRV records easily on WHM. Please note that the we cannot add this on cpanel but need to do this on WHM

Steps to add SRV records on WHM Cpanel

Sample SRV record information which is going to add
Record Type: SRV
Service: _testingsrv
Protocol: _tcp
Port: 443
Weight: 0
Priority: 0
TTL: 300

Goto WHM >> Edit DNS Zone >> select the domain you need to add the SRV record.

Then choose a new field with the type “SRV”

Fill out the SRV details in this order

“service.protocol 14400 IN SRV Priority Weight Port Target(in Hostname field)”

Eg: _testingsrv._tcp 14400 IN SRV 10 2 443

Save the changes and The DNS will be refreshed by the WHM.

In few minutes, we can check the SRV whether its correct using DIG command

$ dig srv


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